Aliens HD Banner With Aliens

An alien NFT collection for everyone

Announcing Aliens HD, a friendly invasion of 10,000 high-def, emoji-lovin’ aliens that hit different.

Our team and partners are pleased to launch an avatar collection that will form the cornerstone of our vision, community, and interstellar trajectory for Alien Star Cloud, a builder of visual identity products, community steward, and explorer of the web3 frontier.

A token purchased from our collection represents not only true ownership of an amazing new NFT alien which you can use how you like (personally or commercially), but the financial bedrock that will allow us to build and deliver value to you, all members of our growing community, along with everyone else on this web3 journey.

We created Aliens HD, because as we designed products and services for web3 identities, we saw gaps in the market. While there are some amazing avatar collections already produced, many are created in a way that doesn’t lend to easy adaption with the personalisation tools we are creating.

For example, many collections only have low resolution images available, meaning they aren’t ideal for customising at high resolution without substantial work to re-illustrate the original. Also, having the background baked into the unique traits means that when removed you potentially have a doppelgänger (as is the case in many NFT collections). Bottom line, we wanted a super high-quality collection to use with our web3 ID design products, so we created it.

Our team is thinking to the future with this collection and there are several features that make the collection versatile. We went with detailed, clean line, cartoon style graphics for the art. The aliens have already been created at 4K resolution, meaning soon after the drop we will make these available, so you can see your alien in it’s full high-definition glory.

Each of the aliens will be unique with or without the hand trait, future proofing the design so it can be adapted for upcoming metaverse experiences like Yuga Labs’ Otherside. We chose not to include the background as as one of the traits. It’s your alien, so you should be able to drop it into any environment or against any backdrop you like without losing something that makes it unique. This will allow us to create many visual experiences for your alien and we already have ideas, some of which are in the works.

We want to make the collection accessible to NFT newcomers and veterans alike, and seeing many collections raising their prices, we wanted to keep ours at a fair price point. We will announce the mint price closer to the launch, but you can expect it will be reasonable.

The exciting thing is we will be delivering a lot more value to those who hold our Aliens HD NFTs beyond the initial drop, particularly if you hold tightly from mint. Check the Aliens HD website for more details on our roadmap.

Wyn and I began our NFT journey early last year with Yats 🖖. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that an NFT collection we developed would be in-part emoji inspired. While we have begun to write the aliens’ story, we wanted to leave it open for your help in its co-creation. Many owners of an Aliens HD NFT will be able to participate in developing a complete lore for our aliens.

We have a lot of fun ideas to create a vibrant and interesting space for our community on Discord. If you haven’t already, jump in and introduce yourself.

Our team is transparent and strong, led by a designer and technologist with a rich history of experience outside and inside the NFT and crypto space. We are pumped to show you everything we’ve developed as part of this NFT collection, and we hope you will join us on this journey ✌️👽✌️