An introduction to ID8R

We are excited to share with you a glimpse into the future of Alien Star Cloud.

Introducing ID8R (pronounced ‘ideator’), a platform we are building 🏗 at to host all the design tools you will ever need to personalise and brand your web3 (and web 2.0) identity, for social media, any other online presence, your devices, and beyond.

Our Journey

Our team began this journey by helping those new to web3 personalise their social media profiles with custom Yat banners.

Brand new emoji designs.

Custom banner backgrounds.

Each emoji being designed as orders arrived (where we didn’t already have it), with dozens of excited Yat owners paying to have us create personalised graphics for their social media.

We quickly realised that we were building something special, branded graphics that were missing from the space, a product that we could expand to other types of web3 identity.

So we began trialing designs for other communities, collections, and products, including for ENS Domains, Moonbirds, Alien Frens, Goblintown, and IOTA. The reception was fantastic and we had hundreds of NFT and crypto fans upgrade their social presence with our banners.

af_CROver9000 profile
gob_dylan profile
mb_Lakoz profile

However, we couldn’t scale what we were doing manually if we wanted to reach thousands or even millions of people (unless we worked out a way to create a thousand clones of Wyn… 🤔).

That meant we needed to create a software platform on which we could create an opportunity for people to personalise their own designs.

A design studio for identity.

What is ID8R?

ID8R is a cross-platform web application created to support the web3 community personalise their new forms of identity, not only avatars, but Yats, .eth domains, and more.

We are well on our way to creating the first version of this platform.

We have expanded our team with a Tech Lead. We have mapped out a set of features that defines the first release, designed the UI and workflow, development is in progress.

The initial public release will have a focus on creating social banners (surprises to be revealed closer to release 👀), but we have other formats, and products planned for expansion.

Why we are building ID8R

There are a lot of design tools on the web, but none specifically focused on personalising web3 identity. We want to create an experience so compelling that you’ll want to regularly update your social banners, device wallpapers, and more, while keeping them ‘on brand’.

One problem we saw was that many new identity products had poor ways to personalise them in a way that was meaningful to the individual and certainly not in a way that you could easily mix multiple types together.

We saw people combining their avatars and other identity elements into banners in hacky ways or using that ‘one person in the community with Photoshop skills and time’ who helped out now and again. We thought to ourselves, “..there must be a better way..”.

Many people overlook that social media profile visits can equal 30% or more of your overall impressions. That is, for every 10,000 people who view a social media post, you could be receiving more than 3,000 visits to your profile. So your profile is something you want looking sharp.

Where Aliens HD fits in

Our forthcoming NFT collection, Aliens HD (landing soon 🛸), is set to be a huge benefactor of the ID8R platform.

Not only will you be able to customise your alien with unique designs specifically created for the Aliens HD collection, but your lifetime pass to the core set of designs and features on ID8R will begin with an Aliens HD NFT. The platform will eventually be available on a subscription basis, but those who mint an Aliens HD NFT will be set for life.

In addition the ID8R core features and designs will initially be gated to those who have an Aliens HD token in the wallet they connect to the platform, providing instant utility, whether you want to customise your alien or another NFT you own.

ID8R is coming soon

While we are not yet ready to announce a launch date, we are inviting those interested to signup for beta access. Artists, founders, community managers, and collection owners are also invited to contact us if you would like to see your collections and products included on launch.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on at Alien Star Cloud and we’re excited for the coming months as we launch the Aliens HD NFT collection and the first version of ID8R.

#watchthisspace 👽⭐☁️