AR PX Emojis Alien Star Cloud

Bring your emojis to life with augmented reality

We are excited to share a new design available in our emoji graphic Creator. You can now order an augmented reality (AR) 3D file, styled with our PX Emojis.

For those not familiar with AR, it is technology that allows us to have interactive experiences in a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced using digital graphics. If you have ever used a filter in a social app to change your face, then you already have some AR experience 😎

Those who order one of our AR banners for their Yat will be provided with a file which can be downloaded to a mobile device and used in a variety of apps to showcase the emojis as if they existed in 3D alongside of you.

Put them in your holiday snaps.

Use them to check how a design could look on clothing.

Sit them on your pets head (they’ll never know!).

Take videos as you walk around them.

Create a 3D rotating GIF for your website.

There are so many possibilities and this is the first opportunity to realise your Yat in 3D. The design you receive will be emojis in the PX Emoji style, with 1 block depth.

Have fun and share your photos and videos with us on Twitter 🖖👽✌️

Did you notice our fresh site design? We wanted a minimalist feel, where the structure doesn’t distract from the designs we are sharing ✨