An introduction to ID8R

We are excited to share with you a glimpse into the future of Alien Star Cloud. Introducing ID8R (pronounced ‘ideator’), a platform we are building 🏗 at to host all the design tools you will ever need to personalise and brand your web3 (and web 2.0) identity, for social media, any other online presence, […]

An alien NFT collection for everyone

Announcing Aliens HD, a friendly invasion of 10,000 high-def, emoji-lovin’ aliens that hit different. Our team and partners are pleased to launch an avatar collection that will form the cornerstone of our vision, community, and interstellar trajectory for Alien Star Cloud, a builder of visual identity products, community steward, and explorer of the web3 frontier. […]

Bring your emojis to life with augmented reality

We are excited to share a new design available in our emoji graphic Creator. You can now order an augmented reality (AR) 3D file, styled with our PX Emojis. For those not familiar with AR, it is technology that allows us to have interactive experiences in a real-world environment where the objects that reside in […]

Emojis as universal NFT traits

Last year if you’d asked me what emojis are, my answer would have been something along the lines of this introduction I recently read in a WIRED article. Emoji are more than a millennial messaging fad. Think of them more like a primitive language. The tiny, emotive characters—from 😜 to 🎉 to 💩—represent the first […]

The case for emoji usernames

We’ve all been there. Staring at the account creation fields of an email or social media site, racking our brain for a username which is available. First name… taken. First name with surname initial… taken. Favourite fictional character… taken. I remember creating my first email account with Hotmail in 1997. I was a teenager and […]

Genesis Dark Emoji set available

Incoming transmission… welcome to Alien Star Cloud ✌️ Your hosts Wyn (🍥☠🍥) and Joseph (✨🙃✨) met each other (virtually) working together on a crypto project last year. When we both fell in love with Yat and NFTs, we knew we had to work on something in this space. Brainstorming over a number of weeks, we […]