Square up with PX Emojis

We are pleased to share that we have released a new emoji set and banner style (Yavatars coming too!). Our new set consists of emojis contained within 16×16 pixels, commonly known as ‘pixel art’. It is time to square 🆙 with our PX Emojis! This new set of emojis is taking us back in time, […]

Creating avatars with emojis

We recently tweeted a meme, “What if all Yats can be Face Yats?”, a question that has been playing on the minds of the team behind 👽⭐☁️ for some weeks now. Our designer Wyn (🍥☠️🍥) had been experimenting with backgrounds for Face Yats (a collection of emojis, typically a pattern of 3 or 5, resembling […]