From the very early planning stages of Alien Star Cloud feedback from the community helped to shape what we are building.

Being able to speak with those who have an interest in what we are doing is so valuable.

Whether you have a question, advice for us, an interest in collaborating, or have any other need to reach us, please send us a message.


Wyn Tiedmers

Design 🍥☠️🍥

With a natural eye for aesthetic graphics was it any wonder that Wyn turned his hand to creating the prettiest Yats in existence? His flair for art and design sees him working with many clients, while leaning toward his interest in social justice and the evolution of technology. His passion for art extends into the music world where he co-leads and designs for an independent music label [sowasvon]. With the inception of Yat and now Alien Star Cloud his use of emojis finally found a way into his work life.

Joseph Skewes

Ops ✨🙃✨

Growing up on the internet from the late 1990s led to Joseph’s adoption of emojis, where he used them extensively across chat programs such as MSN Messenger and ICQ. With an interest in distributed ledger technology and the increased privacy and control it can offer for online identities (DIDs), he immediately saw the appeal of new web3 identities like Yat. With a background founding startups, a growing passion for art through the NFT space, this intersection of his interests became inevitable.