From the very early planning stages of Alien Star Cloud feedback from the community helped to shape what we are building.

Being able to speak with those who have an interest in what we are doing is so valuable.

Whether you have a question, advice for us, an interest in collaborating, or have any other need to reach us, please send us a message.




Tech ✨💻✨

Meet Mohammad, our software maestro. Driven by a deep passion for creating tech that people actively engage with. His love for non-determinism and randomness finds its perfect match in the startup world, where every day brings new challenges and opportunities in a high-risk atmosphere.

Beyond coding, Mohammad’s interests delve into the realms of strategy, decision-making, and a fascination with human cognitive errors. His commitment to critical thinking shapes his approach to problem-solving, ensuring that every decision adds value to the product.

Mohammad sees startups as more than just businesses; he views them as games to be enjoyed. His enthusiasm for the startup game is contagious, making him a valuable asset to our winning team.



TECH 👽⭐☁️

Meet Temple, a dynamic software engineer whose transition from banking to tech showcases adaptability and a keen pursuit of knowledge. He is fascinated by the potential of NFTs and understands the unique value they bring to digital assets.

Temple thrives on exploring new programming languages and frameworks, immersing himself in coding challenges and hackathons. He enhances his skills through personal projects and contributing to open-source software.

A YouTube content creator, Temple shares his expertise, helping others navigate the complex world of coding. He stays abreast of industry trends, startups, and global economics, reflecting a well-rounded intellectual curiosity. Temple’s commitment to continuous learning make him an inspiring and integral member of our team.



Design 🍥☠️🍥

Meet Wyn, our design lead. A visionary illustrator and graphic designer, who artfully fuses creativity with the boundless possibilities of web3 and NFTs. With a diverse client roster, from global multinationals to social justice crusaders, Wyn’s talent transcends boundaries. His genius has been demonstrated in web3 by crafting custom emojis, social banners, desktop wallpapers, and breathing life into his Creepz NFT avatar through personalisation, proving that artistry knows no limits.

A true renaissance spirit, Wyn’s passion for artistry spills into the music realm, where he co-leads and designs for the independent label, [sowasvon].

At the intersection of design, technology, and music, Wyn’s captivating visuals leave an indelible mark on the digital landscape. In a world of fleeting trends, Wyn’s unique blend of creativity and innovation makes him an unforgettable artistic force.



Ops ✨🙃✨

Meet Joseph, our ops and product lead. A seasoned operator, who blends more than 15 years of experience in technical support, leadership, and project management, now leveraging this experience to shape the cutting edge of web3 and NFTs.

With a background in banking, economic writing, and entrepreneurial ventures, Joseph’s multifaceted expertise is a testament to his passion for innovation.

A natural-born collector with an affinity for freedom, Joseph found his calling in the world of distributed ledgers. His fascination with the endless possibilities of NFTs propelled him to the forefront of the digital revolution. In the fast-paced world of web3, Joseph’s invaluable experience, creative foresight, and unwavering commitment to pushing the team and product forward set him apart as a driving force behind our company’s vision and success.