Letter from the stars

Dear Human,

What does the word ‘identity‘ mean to you?

Chances are it is not something that you stop and think about in such an abstract way very often.

Regularly we would tie the word to official processes or documents, for example identification documents such as a driver’s license or passport. Perhaps some of us would link it to technical use cases, such as an account in a computer system.

However, holistically, our identity is something almost constantly on our minds. Identity is how we think about ourselves. It is how we portray ourselves to the outside world. It is the characteristics that define us.

From the name we’re given at birth, to the nicknames we pick up in social circles, to the usernames we broadcast online, all of these help to shape our identity.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our identity extends into every single way that we choose to represent ourselves to those around us (or for that matter, keep private). This can be as simple as taking care or pride in our outward appearance, the way we style our hair, the clothes we wear, the skincare or makeup products we apply, having yourself tattooed, or body modifications. It can be the worldly possessions we treasure and share with others, the Tesla, the Peloton, the Pokemon Cards, the NFTs, the white picket fence that we proudly painted to surround our humble (or wildly extravagant) home.

It’s not just names and physical characteristics though. It’s also the intangible, our qualities and beliefs too.

The ideas that resonate with us, whether original thoughts or those shaped by others. When we spend time with a particular community, whether that’s for a hobby, social cause, political or religious affiliation, and then choose to advertise that association publicly through word of mouth or using a particular motif.

All of this and more builds out our identity. The way that others see us and the way we think about ourselves.

In real life (AFK), expressing our identity and having people get a feel for who we are is relatively straightforward and well practiced. We all take in cues from each other in any interaction, whether it’s what you say (and how you say it), what you are wearing, gestures you make, posture, expressions, and more.

But what about the digital space?

How can we share with others who we are when interacting in such a limited way?

Regular use of the internet by the wider public is barely 25 years old and online forms of self expression are still rapidly evolving.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the alphanumeric, platform-owned handles of Web 2.0 won’t be enough to meet our needs. The world of web3 is bringing new, expressive ways of telling others about who we are, the tribe we belong to, and the beliefs we hold.

At Alien Star Cloud we believe we’re on the cusp of a digital identity revolution.

New web3 identity products are breaking the traditional molds, with users in the tens or hundreds of thousands testing the water with new universal identity products, alphanumeric usernames, emojis, avatar images, and more, but some of these products are still very focussed on the technical aspects. This is great for drawing in those interested in the decentralised protocols they are typically developed on, but what are we doing to onboard everyone else?

At Alien Star Cloud we think there is an opportunity for design products which span across these new forms of web3 identity, helping people to tell their story and express themselves, through graphics that can be used across social and professional channels.

We can’t wait to help you visualise what your identity means to you.

Alien Star Cloud


P.S. We want to hear what identity means to you and how we can help you express it. Please let us know your thoughts 👇