Genesis Dark Emoji set available

Incoming transmission… welcome to Alien Star Cloud ✌️

Your hosts Wyn (🍥☠🍥) and Joseph (✨🙃✨) met each other (virtually) working together on a crypto project last year. When we both fell in love with Yat and NFTs, we knew we had to work on something in this space.

Brainstorming over a number of weeks, we realised there was an unaddressed need. People love having their NFT avatars personalised, but where was the same opportunity for Yats (and emojis more broadly)?!

Yat has an amazing product and we are gaga about incorporating emojis into our identities, but we wanted to understand…

"How can we help people make an emoji username feel more like an extension of who they are?" 🤗

Most platforms and systems display slightly different emojis, but all follow a similar, cookie cutter approach to their design. Would that ever feel personal to those using emojis to represent their online (or offline!) selves?

We didn’t believe so and wanted to provide an opportunity for personalisation through the development of custom sets of emojis that would allow people to show off their Yats (or any favourite emojis) in new ways.

A survey we conducted with a range of styles indicated over 80% of respondents would love a ‘dark’ themed emoji set. So that is where we started and the design has since undergone an evolution. Here is a preview 😍

We have already designed some emojis in this style, but there’s A LOT in a full set. Yat has over 450 emojis in their curated library and in the Unicode Standard there’s more than 3500 😲

We will be accepting orders in small batches to build up a catalogue of emojis, creating the designs to order if we don’t already have them. So if you go to place an order and the order form is closed, you will need to check back another time. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for updates on the status of order taking availability.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. You place an order for your emoji string (1-5 emojis) 👉 from as little as $9 (USD)
  2. We (*cough* Wyn *cough*) will be designing any emojis we don’t have yet
  3. You receive your personalised files within 3 weeks (aiming to be much sooner)


Yes, you are our guinea pigs 🐹 muhaha 😜, but we are sure you will be happy with the designs you receive:

  • Banner with emojis on transparent background (all orders)
  • Full size emojis on a transparent background (all orders)
  • Banner with emojis on optional backgrounds (when ordered)


All files will be delivered in high resolution, with banners in a size orientation fitting a Twitter profile. The files are suited for many other uses, such as for display on a website or having them printed on physical merch.

The images are yours to use, share, and adapt in a personal capacity, but not for commercial use (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license). With formalities out of the way, we invite you to create your own dark emoji banners 😍

We are opening a limited pilot for 10 customers and then will take more regular orders in 3 weeks from now.