Alien Star Cloud PX Emojis

Square up with PX Emojis

We are pleased to share that we have released a new emoji set and banner style (Yavatars coming too!). Our new set consists of emojis contained within 16×16 pixels, commonly known as ‘pixel art’. It is time to square 🆙 with our PX Emojis!

This new set of emojis is taking us back in time, to an era when dial up modems made a sound connecting to the internet and we could see the individual pixels in the video games we were playing.

Our aim is to provide you with an increasing number of ways to personalise your online emoji identity and with pixel art being a popular form of self expression using NFT avatars, what better time to explore this style?! The infamous CryptoPunks are created with 24×24 pixels, we are dropping the canvas resolution even lower.

Introducing VectorPixelStar

To bring together this new set of emojis, we are teaming up with the talented artist VectorPixelStar (VPS), who is producing each of these by hand on his iPad in an app called Pixaki .

After a childhood enjoying 8-bit gaming, VPS has been focussed on creating pixel art for 5 years. Over the past decade, after working from locations such as NhaTrang and Mui Nein in Vietnam, along with Koh Samui and Phuket in Thailand, where VPS enjoyed the warmer climate and sea 🏖️, he returns to his homeland, illustrating his amazing art from Vladivostok in Russia.

Having created many pixel illustrations for games, it’s almost every day that he is is notified of new credits for the in-game art that his work contributes to.

Now we have the pleasure of working with VPS at 👽⭐☁️ as he develops a set of emojis, banners, and more, created pixel by pixel! We invite you to support his artistic talent by having one (or more!) of your Yats dressed up in this pixel art format.

Ready for your PX Emojis?

Like our Dark Emoji set, many of these emojis will be created to order while we build up the collection. This means you will often be the first outside the team to see the emojis you select in this cool retro style, but also it means that orders are not fulfilled instantly. We aim for delivery within 1-2 weeks, but ask for up to 3 weeks, particularly with large orders requiring many new emojis to be created. When we already have the emojis your order requires, the graphics are delivered within 72 hours 😊

A short break for Dark Emojis

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a Dark Emoji banner or Yavatar. Your support means a lot and we wanted to let you know that our Dark Emoji set will be taking a breather and is currently unavailable for new orders, but returning in 2022… maybe even with some new variants, watch this space 👀😉